General Sale Conditions

The products offered and sold on our website ("") are ruled by these General Sale Conditions. The products on are sold by A.N.G.E.L.O. srl., with its registered office in Italy, Corso Garibaldi 59 – 48022 Lugo (Ravenna), registered in the Register of Companies, with VAT and fiscal code n. 02271310399.

You may ask A.N.G.E.L.O. for any information using our customer care services. If you need more information go to our Information area. You may find information concerning payment, shipments, refunds and returns of products purchased on

Please note that you can contact A.N.G.E.L.O by e-mail ( or by calling +39(0)54535200. For legal details please access the General Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and Right of Return areas.

1. Our Commercial Policy

1.1 These general sale conditions exclusively rule the offer, the submitting and the acceptance of the purchase of products on between users and Vendor.

1.2 These General Sale Conditions do not rule the services provided or the product sold by a part different from the vendor present on by links, banner or hyper textual links. Before submitting an order or purchasing items or services from third parties that are not the Vendor, please verify their sale conditions because the Vendor is not liable for the services provided by third parties that are not the Vendor or for e-commerce operations between the users of and third parties.

2. How to fulfil the contract with A.N.G.E.L.O.

2.1 To fulfil the purchase contract of one or more products on, you should fill in the order form in electronic format and submit it to the Vendor following the instructions.

2.2 The order form contains a summary of the General Sale Conditions and a summary on the most relevant characteristics of every product and their prices, on the payment methods you can use to purchase the ordered products and on the shipping methods. The form also contains a reference to the Return Policy and to the period within which the Vendor will accept your return and under which conditions.

2.3 The contract is fulfilled when the Vendor receives your order, subject to prior order information check.

2.4 Before proceeding with the purchase, transmitting the order, you will be asked to read the General Sale Conditions and the Return Policy, to print out a copy, to save and reproduce a copy for your personal use. 

2.5 Your order will be recorded in our database for the period needed to process the orders and within the terms of laws.

2.6 Before proceeding with the transmission of the order you will be asked to find and correct information errors.

2.7 The Italian language is the language used to fulfil the contract with the Vendor.

2.8 Once the contract is fulfilled, A.N.G.E.L.O. will process your purchase order.

2.9  The vendor may decide not to process your order when the order lacks of information or do not provide sufficient solvency guarantees or are not complete or when the products are out of stock. In these cases, we will inform you by e-mail specifying the reasons. If the products on are not available or out of stock the Vendor will communicate in the shortest time possible, or in any case within 30 days of submitting your order, the product's unavailability. In case of submitting the order and processing with the payment,  the vendor will refund you the corresponding amount.

2.10 When submitting an order, you accept and you undertake to observe these General Sale Conditions in the relation with the Vendor. If you do not accept some of the terms of the General Sale Conditions, please do not submit any order on

2.11 When submitting an order, you confirm knowledge and acceptance of the General Sale Conditions and of the information contained on the website, by links too, including the General Conditions of Use, the Privacy Policy and the Returns Policy.

2.12 Once the contract is fulfilled, the Vendor will e-mail you with a purchase confirmation with a summary of the information already contained in the order form (General Sale Conditions, Return Policy, the information relating to the products, the price, the payment method and shipping fees).

3. Guarantees and Product Prices

3.1 sells vintage products which, for their own nature, can be used and / or with severe signs of wear. The description of the products displayed on, A.N.G.E.L.O will specify the products conditions when necessary.

3.2  The vendor also sells luxury brand products either new or used. These products are bought directly by the Vendor from carefully selected fashion houses, producers, dealers and individuals.

3.3  the product's description gives the most relevant information about the product. The pictures and colours of the products on may not correspond to the real one due to the Internet browser and to the monitor used.

3.4 The price of the products are expressed in Euro and are VAT included. The prices can be updated. Please check the final sale price before submitting the order form.

3.5 Every product is shipped with a security tag which should not be removed if you want to return the item purchased.

3.6 The Vendor, if you want to return one or all the items purchased, may not accept the return of products without the security tag on or products damaged or altered.

4. Payments

4.1 The payment of the purchased products and shipping fees can be processed following the methods specified on the order form.

4.2 If paying with credit card, the finance information (for instance, the credit/debit card number and the expiry date) will be forwarded, encrypted, to Paypal or to other bank institutes, which provide distance payment services, without third parties making access to it in any way. This information will not be used by the Vendor a part from completing the procedures relating your purchase and to issue refunds in case of returning the items, following your right of return or in the case of preventing frauds from being perpetrated on The products purchase price, shipping and delivery costs, as it is shown on the order form, will be debited on your bank account when the products purchased are shipped.

4.3 In case of payment with Paypal, the finance information will be handled by Paypal services in a secure way. Finance data will not be handled, in any way, by our website and will not be recorded on any database  as the payment procedure will be managed by paypal using SSL security.

5. Products shipping and delivery services

5.1 To have more specific information on the shipping and delivery services, access the Shipping area, within the Information area. Please pay attention to this information as it is relevant to the General Sale Conditions and, therefore, it will be considered accepted and known when submitting the order.

6. Customer Care

6.1 You can ask for information by sending an e-mail to: or by calling +39 0545 35200. To have more information on Customer Care services please access you profile.

7. Right of return, modalities and timing

7.1 To have more information on the specific return modalities and timing please access to the Right of Return area, within the Information area. Please pay attention to what specified in this section as the information constitutes an integral part of the General Sale Conditions, which are therefore intended as accepted and known when submitting the order. 

8. Privacy

8.1 You can have more information on the way we process personal data making access to the Privacy Policy area.

8.2 Please also read our General Conditions of Use as important information is here contained on how we handle users personal data and on the secure systems adopted.

8.3 For more information on our Privacy Policy please send us an e-mail to: or a letter to our registered office, Corso Garibaldi, 59, 48022, Lugo (Ravenna), Italy.

9. Applicable Law and Controversies Solution

9.1 The General Sale Conditions are ruled by the Italian Law with the legislative decree n° 206 of 6 September 2005, of the Consumer Code, with a specific reference to the code concerning distance contracts and by the legislative decree n°70 on some aspects relevant to e-commerce practices.

9.2 These General Conditions of Use are ruled by the Italian law.

In case of controversies which may arise from the General Conditions of Use between A.N.G.E.L.O and any final user, A.N.G.E.L.O guarantees, from now, the full adhesion and acceptance of the RisolviOnline conciliation service. 

RisolviOnline is an independent and institutional service, issued by the Arbitration Board of Milan's Chamber of Commerce, which enables the parties to reach an agreement, with the help of a competent and neutral conciliator, in an helpful and friendly way, on the Internet.

For more information on RisolviOnline or to forward a conciliation request please go to

10. Modifications and updates

10.1 The General Sale Conditions are modified also according to norms updates. The new General Sale Conditions will be binding from their publication on